Yuiko Sugino is an art chameleon. With a versatile approach to both print media and digital expression, her current projects focus on illustration, packaging, and editorial design. Yuiko's art style often features vibrant colors in a chic or playful presentation. 
Born in Japan and now based in Los Angeles, she has pursued art and creative expression since childhood, when she trained as a dancer and won art competitions and scholarships. As a college student majoring in fine art, she gained art experience during her months in Florence, Italy, as a web design intern and student of art. After graduation, she completed a Getty Foundation internship at the Japanese American National Museum, where her work as production artist included both designing and hands-on building of multiple exhibits. 
Yuiko has spent nearly a decade honing her skills in art direction and graphic design at publications such as Gentry (now Nob Hill Gazette) and NAILS Magazine, for which her work won a Maggie Award. Outside of her in-house publishing portfolio, she is particularly proud of her graphic design work for the intersectional memoir magazine Selfish. Yuiko has also given presentations for various art and design programs in Southern California.
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